Most people know they need Linkedin for job search.

But 99% of job seekers don’t know about its best features.

Here are 6 that will immediately level up your job hunt:

1/ Download 1st Connections

Networking is easiest with people you already know.

LinkedIn will send you a list of them!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Me” > Settings & Privacy
  2. Choose “Get A Copy of Your Data”
  3. Click the 2nd Option
  4. Select “Connections”
  5. Request the Archive

2/ Find Content Creators

Engaging with content is an easy way to network:

  1. Search LinkedIn for job-related terms.
  2. Filter for “Posts”
  3. Go to All Filters > Author Company and add your targets.

Now you have a list of content creators at your dream companies!

3/ Find Career Changers

  1. Search for your target job
  2. Filter for “People”
  3. Add 10 targets to the “Companies” filter
  4. Add 10 companies in your current industry to “Past Companies”

Now you have a list of everyone who went from your current industry to your target industry!

4/ See Who’s Hiring

Many hiring managers post about open roles.

Here’s how to find them:

  1. Search for: Target Job Title + Hiring
  2. Filter for “Posts”
  3. Go to All Filters > Author Company
  4. Add your target companies

Apply for the role and DM the person who posted it!

5/ Cultural Research

Ex-employees can give you the scoop on culture.

How to find them:

  1. Run a blank search
  2. Add your target company to the “Past
  3. Company” filter

That’ll show you every person who used to work at your target company.

Find ones who left for a better opp!

6/ Find Salaries In Colorado

Most companies won’t post a salary range.

But Colorado passed a law that requires them to.

So search for your target job in Colorado.

Then adjust the salary range for the cost of living in your area.

Now you have more accurate salary data!